About Cropshare


We are launching world’s first asset backed utility token aimed to furnish greater returns to our founders by securing their investment in terms of Agricultural Crop under red sandal cultivation project scheduled to be raised in an extent of 100 Acres in survey numbers 85-2, 295-3, 295- 4,295-5, 297-3, 297-4, 297-5 and etc., at Seetharamapuram Village, INDIA524310. It is our realistic approach of our ICO by providing real-time benefits to our utility token by way of high valued agricultural crop. The Red Sandal Crop is a most valuable crop in the world and it is largely available in Southern INDIA as it has robust global demand due to its multiple applications in various industries. Our token will be listed in all prominent Crypto Trade Exchanges worldwide for its easier conversion and marketability.

What is Cropshare Token?

CROPSHARE is a sophisticated Utility token backed by an agricultural crop of red sandal cultivation project to the Crypto world which is intended to raise investments in to the Agricultural development in rural India. CROPSHARE provides long term benefits under Red Sandal cultivation, which is a world famous rare plant variety available only in India which has robust demand in the rest of the world for which our ICO project yields higher returns to our founders. Even for a small investment our founders will realize greater returns in 10 years crop tenor which will be around 137 times higher than their investment amount. Thus, our CROPSHARE token (CST) indicates a real growth to your investment.

Why Choose Us?

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ICO Assurance Policy

CST tokens will provide the investor a greater return by way of long term agricultural crops and meanwhile it has a wide range of acceptance and marketability in exchange of our organic dairy products produced by our own dairy farms situated in Seetharamapuram Village and Mandal, SPSR Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, India-524310. Cropshare calculation: 100 acres farm Total Red sandal plants per acre 435 Crop tenor 10 years Yield per plant in 10 years 500 kgs Present market price USD 125.60/kg Crop Value per Acre USD 27318000 Total Crop Value USD 2731800000 Return on your investment shall be around USD 137 per each token @30% Crop sharing benefit Briefly, our funders will get USD 137 for USD 1 of their investment per token.


ICO Mission

Our ICO ensures sophisticated Crypto platform to our funders. The greater returns at lower investment is our paramount consideration for which we provide an aggregate share of 30% in the net sale proceeds of our Red Sandal crop to enable them for realization of overwhelming returns in a realistic approach.


ICO Vision

Our ICO aims at the concept of Crop sharing in order to facilitate our token holder a Realistic return for their investment. Our vision is to work smartly in order to maximize the wealth of our token holders in the crypto trade exchange with a greater transparency and determination. On the other hand, we explore in to the deeps of opportunity to ensure the following:

  • - Realistic approach in crypto market
  • - Greater transparency in ICO segment
  • - Token value maximization
  • - Funders wealth maximization
  • - Generation of rural employment
  • - Development of agriculture in rural India

Our Strategy

Transparency is our paramount consideration in order to safeguard the interest of our funders by providing aggregate share at the rate of 30% in the net sale proceeds of our crop for which no ICO can dare to invoke in to the provisions of utility token with practically proven concept as if our CROPSHARE. It discloses our determination, dedication, commitment and reverence towards our funders by providing macro returns for your micro investment by adhering to the protection of interests of our valuable funders globally.

Note: Maturity benefit after harvesting shall only be against our issued tokens hence our initial funders may keep their tokens until the proposed red sandal crop is harvested in order to avail huge maturity benefit after 10 years.

ICO Factsheet

CROPSHARE TOKENS (CST), this is our first ICO and this is only 30% of all financing, rest of 70% is coming from Cropshare equity funds and other financial sources. This makes our tokens strong! In total we have 20 million tokens and for ICO, put on sale are 6 million tokens for total value of 6 million USD, where 1 USD equals to 1token (or) 1 token equals to 1 USD. Thus our financing through this ICO is 6 million USD will be scheduled to outlay on the procurement of land and its development activities at Seetharamapuram Village in India together with our other sources of funds in the project.


ICO Targets

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept token payments.


CROPSHARE is the first token in the world with fully covered with agricultural crop in an extent of 100 Acres and such crop has enormous value in the global market for which our token holder will realize huge returns for their micro Investment.


We also provide all crypto services like listing in all prominent trade exchanges worldwide and our token can be converted in to any currency at your choice.


CROPSHARE brings token coverage and highest returns both the concepts under one roof in order to smooth the progress of the token with greater returns instantaneously and technically well advanced payment method in the top leading exchanges is one of the sacrosanct measures available with our CST token for superior convertibility in to various globally accepted currencies.


The Red Sandal Plantation is an innovative step and it is a growth driver of our token in the global market in terms of higher market demand and value appreciation. Another growth parameter is lower availability of tokens in the market i.e.6 million tokens put for ICO out of 20 million which makes our token precious in terms of availability.

Token Value Proposition

CROPSHARE is a much secured investment option in the present scenario with strong and unbreakable digital platform and your investment is covered in the value of a Red Sandal Plantation in 1 00 Acres at Seetharamapuram Village and Mandal, SPSR Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh State, INDIA- 52431 0 and CST tokens are convertible in to various currencies accepted throughout the world which shall be facilitated to our token holders through the top 1 0 Crypto Exchanges worldwide. Red sandal is popular and costly Timber. The fruit is a pod 6–9 cm long containing one or two seeds. The wood has been historically valued in China who introduced classical Chinese furniture to the west.

The Red sandal wood is famous for its aroma & growth. Red Sandal can be grown especially in Andhra Pradesh state in India, can be planted in 1 0 x 1 0 feet spacing which yields 500 Kgs by 1 0years of Heart wood (Red sandal wood) for each tree. The Red sandal wood is of high demand in China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Gulf countries. Red Sandalwood oil is amazing oil that aids in curing skin conditions like dry skin, crackling, flaking and wrinkles and other imbalances which makes the skin prone to acne, blackheads, redness and skin irritations. The goodness of sandalwood oil assists in restoring the damaged skin cells promotes the skin complexion and maintains skin glow and radiance. Even more benefits are underlying with our Cropshare project.

ICO Benefits

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept token payments.

Lumpsum Pay

30% of Net Sale Proceeds of our crop harvest which equals to USD 81 9540000 at present is 1 37 times higher than our ICO financing of USD6000000 and after 1 0 years it will be even more due to surge in global demand for Red Sandal Wood.


We facilitate that our token shall be listed in all prominent exchanges for which you can sell and exchange CROPSHARE TOKENS (CST) at any time in all the prominent Crypto Exchanges throughout the globe.


Cropshare tokens shall be accepted as currency for purchasing organic dairy products of our own dairy farms situated in Seetharamapuram village, INDIA which is now proposed to expand its business to reach global customers.


More token usage options will be announced in our coming Cropshare project phases. Those will be additional benefits providing to our token holders for quick conversion of tokens in to your desired forms.

Ultimate Benefit

This will be the ultimate benefit provided to our token holders on crop harvesting. Each token will realize a minimum return of 1 37 times higher than the invested upon each token as we opted for cultivation of Red sandal crop at Seetharamapuram village in India only to multiply your returns amazingly and back up your investment in the form of agricultural crop.

Realization benefit to our token holders will be; 137 USD for 1 USD Investment




  • 20 million USD


  • Return on Investment 1 37 times
  • Realization Period 1 0 Years


  • 20 million
  • ICO - 6 million
  • Equity and other sources - 1 4 million


  • ICO (30%)
  • Equity and other sources (70%)


Upon harvesting of Red Sandal Crop at the 1 0th year, 30% of Net Sale Proceeds which equals to USD 81 9540000 at present will be 1 37 times higher than the actual investment of USD 1 per Token and after 1 0 years it will be multiplied by even more times due to surge in global demand for Red Sandal Wood. Meanwhile we ensure;

  • - Timely deployment
  • - Quick implementation
  • - Personal care on each plant
  • - Monthly monitoring report to funders
  • - Robust field security
  • - 24X7 hrs interaction